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In the Downfall Forest, treasure awaits…

However, this treasure is not gold or gems, but feathers. The softest and gentlest in the land. Worth a small fortune to the nobility.

After all, a good night’s sleep is priceless, surely?

And there is a lot that people are willing to do for priceless things. Even if it means braving mud, mushrooms and malevolent trees.

To say nothing of the owners of the feathers of course…

A forest point crawl for the Cairn roleplaying game (https://cairnrpg.com/) made for the Forests of Another Name jam (https://itch.io/jam/forests-of-another-name). 

Explore 9 different points of interest, 3 different forest regions and steal from some very large geese indeed.  

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AuthorPointless Monument


A Fisful of Feathers - booklet Rev1.pdf 11 MB
A Fistful of Feathers - screen Rev1.pdf 11 MB
Fistful of Feathers Map Blank.pdf 1 MB

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Hey, this looks super fun and I can't wait to run it! 

I have a question about the Standing Stone encounter. If someone smashes it, they "gain a single re-roll of any die for the next month". Does that mean a single re-roll at most once in the next month? Or, every time they roll for something in the next month, they have the option to re-roll a die once? 

The latter could be OP, but... Maybe we make it worth it by cranking up the forest's ire... :-)


It's intended to be at most once in the next month, since it could be a re-roll on anything. However, I would suggest a way to expand it is that they can continue to deface/despoil the site to earn up to 1d6 re-rolls, but suffer increasing amounts of ire as they do so (weather changes, trees have hostile faces that appear as fleeting patterns in the bark etc)

Ooh, I like it.. Thank you!! 

Are H and G swapped on the map? On the map, H is the lake and G has fungus-looking stuff, but in the key G is the lake and H is the fungus.


Thanks for letting me know! This has now been fixed

Ran this last night and had an absolute blast with it. The flow of the adventure is perfectly crafted with plenty of amazing encounters. Just like a good NSR game should, this adventure allows you and your players to use creative thinking and problem solving to get around and through obstacles. It's got a great bestiary, too, with creatures I'm going to pluck out and feature elsewhere. Fantastic stuff! 

Glad you enjoyed it so much! And thank you for the kind words. What was the eventual outcome and did you run into any of the other hunters?

The group was pretty lucky with encounter rolls. The only real threat they faced on the road was two hostile giant weasels. They made it to the elms, filled up on feathers and got rich. They didnt run into a rival group, unfortunately. My favourite moment was their time with the Eukaryotic Collective. Some players told stories abpur their checkered pasts to gain passage and it was cool for them to have a dedicated stage to do that on.

Some other nice moments: 

Using a Tar Pot and pine needles to patch the ferry boat.

Casting Raise Spirit at the Barrows.

Feats of strength was a lot of fun, one of the 'weakest' characters was the only one to pull it off.

There we're a lot of things on the bestiary that I wish they ran into. But at the same time, I think the rate and possibility of encounters was perfect. I like when those are more of a garnish  with the landmarks being the main meal.