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Subject Rho (Canine) is the most valuable asset onboard Tobin Station.

[Voiceover] "Introducing Pupper™, your new companion for off-world living. Bred and genetically modified for health, loyalty and of course friendship!"

What came next was unanticipated. 

[Images] Medical report. Charts and data. Test tubes.

A new psychoactive substance, delivered through Subject Rho's saliva. Affected subjects are overcome with euphoria and remain paralysed for minutes before recovering. 

[Warning siren] Meteorite impact on Tobin station detected. Evacuation is recommended under company policy. 

Get Subject Rho out of here or be prepared to be in several lifetimes-worth of debt and be known throughout nine systems for abandoning an adorable dog. 

The escape pod is located in the docking station at the other end of the station. 

Don't worry, he likes to play chase.

Tobin Station and all its contents are property of the Synergon Coporation. Synergon - Science. Manipulated.

Spacewalkies is a system-neutral adventure that can be run in most popular sci-fi systems, but is likely most suitable for games such as Mothership or Stars Without Number. 

Created for the Hyperspeed Adventure Jam 2022

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AuthorPointless Monument


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