Pointless Monument

The basic Cairn character sheet surrounded by key rules on the same sheet
A short introductory adventure for Cairn
One disintegrating orbital lab, one adorable (and valuable) dog, one way out
Replacing the space action of Lasers & Feelings with the minutiae of local government
A MOSAIC and CERAMIC-strict procedure for groups, goals and schemes.
MOSAIC and CERAMIC-strict travel and navigation through 6 mile hexes
Adventuring for profit and fame in a crumbling empire
1d8 front organisations, their real activities and the clues to find them
1d8 Encounters and Points of Interest in a crumbling empire beset with strife
A pointcrawl for Cairn - how far will you go for a comfy night's sleep?
Can you save the village of Warberley when death descends from the night sky on silent wings?
Forgotten for one hundred years, an old experiment Won't. Stop. Growing.
d86 treasure purchasing NPCs and their motivations
d86 annoying and cumbersome treasures
Role Playing
1d10 secret doors, mechanisms, purposes and traps, with 2d10 clues to find them
d86 strange objects that cast magical spells
Role Playing
10^6 Magic Item Possibilities - 10 items across 6 columns